Miguel Ángel Barrón

Multi-instrumentalist Miguel Ángel Barrón was born in Guadalajara, where his grandfather and uncles on his mother’s side were mariachi musicians. At age 8, he began taking private music lessons, and by age 10, he had joined Mariachi Juvenil Jalisciense. At age 13, he joined his grandfather’s group, Mariachi Guadalajara, where he remained for two years. From ages 14 to 21, he worked with mariachi groups in the El Parián restaurant complex in Tlaquepaque, on the outskirts of Guadalajara. During his tenure at El Parián, he spent periods playing each of the different mariachi instruments, and he has always sung. At age 22, he joined Mariachi Jalisco es México, where he remained for five years as a violinist.

Six years ago, Miguel Ángel opened his own recording studio, Gigiorecords, in Guadalajara. There, he produced an album for singer Alejandra Orozco on which he wrote all the arrangements and played all the instruments. When Rubén Fuentes heard the CD, he wanted to meet its producer. On December 17, 2010, Miguel Ángel became Mariachi Vargas’ vihuela player, replacing the retiring Víctor Cárdenas. In March of this 2013, the group switched him over to violin.

When asked to describe the difference between Mariachi Vargas and all the other groups he’s played with, Miguel Ángel remarks, “There’s something magical about Mariachi Vargas that I can’t quite put my finger on, even though I’ve been in this business for a long time — something beautiful and unique that distinguishes it from any other mariachi — and it happens in every single performance.” Miguel’s ambition is to have many groups play his musical arrangements.