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Extravaganza Reps participate at Festival People En Espanol

Thanks to Mariachi Vargas Extravaganza participants Bryanna Rich, Berenice Stille, William “Carlton” Galvez and Gino Rivera’s Mariachi Azteca de San Antonio for a beautiful performance at Festival People En Español.IMG_0662

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Mariachismes para agosto

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Conserva Leticia Soto su puesto

como directora de la escuela de Garibaldi

En la última edición de Mariachismes, reportamos sobre la Mtra. Leticia Soto y la renuncia que le habían pedido como directora de la Escuela de Mariachi Ollin Yoliztli en Garibaldi. El apoyo que recibió de la comunidad mariachera fue significante, ya que entre otros escribieron cartas a su favor alumnos, maestros y miembros del consejo honorífico de la escuela; los mariachis Vargas, México y de América; y los sindicatos de mariachis del DF y de Guadalajara.


En un oficio con fecha 19 de agosto de 2014, dirigido al Consejo Honorífico de la Escuela de Mariachi Ollin Yoliztli, la Secretaría de Cultura reconoce los deseos del consejo y de la comunidad académica, artística y social en cuestión, afirmando —de manera irónica— que en ningún momento el Secretario de Cultura del DF había solicitado que renunciara la maestra Leticia Soto Flores. Así que hasta el momento sigue frente a la escuela de Garibaldi. Esperemos que la maestra siga por muchos años desempeñando su admirable labor de administrar la escuela de mariachi más importante del mundo. Les mantendremos informados de cualquier noticia al respecto.


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Mariachismes for August

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 Leticia Soto retains post as director of Garibaldi school

In the last issue of Mariachismes, we reported on Prof. Leticia Soto and the controversy over her being asked to resign as director of the Escuela de Mariachi Ollin Yoliztli en Garibaldi. Popular support for her turned out to be significant, as the many who wrote letters on her behalf included students, teachers, and members of the school’s advisory council; mariachis Vargas, México, and de América; and the Mexico City and Guadalajara mariachi unions.


In a letter dated August 19, 2014 and addressed to the Advisory Council of the Escuela de Mariachi Ollin Yoliztli, Mexico’s Secretariat of Culture acknowledged the desires of the council and the academic, artistic and social community in question, and affirmed—ironically—that at no time has the Mexico City Secretary of Culture ever asked for the resignation of Prof. Leticia Soto Flores. As of the present moment, she remains the school’s director. We hope that Leticia continues to do the magnificent job she’s been doing of administrating the world’s most important mariachi academy. will keep you informed of any changes in this situation.

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Vargas, Cobre, and Los Camperos announce Texas shows!


Mariachi Vargas

Three of the world’s greatest mariachi ensembles will perform in Texas this fall!

On September 10, Mariachi Cobre and Vikki Carr will perform as part of the grand opening ceremonies of the brand new Tobin Center in San Antonio. Mariachi Vargas follows with two shows, in Corpus Christi on September 13 and San Antonio on November 22. In addition, Los Camperos will perform in San Antonio on December 11 at the Aztec Theater, and on December 12 in Nacogdoches.

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Festival People en Español comes to San Antonio this Labor Day weekend

People en Español 

William “Carlton” Gálvez of Kyle, Berenice Stille of Houston and Bryanna Rich of San Antonio will join Gino Rivera’s Mariachi Azteca de América at the Festival People en Español on Saturday, August 30 at San Antonio’s Henry B. González Convention Center. The team will represent the Mariachi Vargas Extravaganza at the third annual Festival People en Español event this Labor Day weekend with a performance starting at 9:40 a.m. Carlton, Berenice, and Bryanna represent some of the many young artists who will be in San Antonio participating in the festival along with top-name Latin celebrities such as Becky G., Zendaya, Las Fénix, Leslie Grace, Matt Hunter, and Miguelito. This Mariachi Vargas Extravaganza presentation is free and and open to the public.


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About the Mariachi Vargas Extravaganza…

Several Mariachi Vargas Extravaganza past participants gathered during this year’s Summer Extravaganza Vocal Camp to share their fondest memories of participating in the Extravaganza over the years. When Paola Alanís from Roma, Nizhoni Begay from San Antonio, Christina López from McAllen, Alexa Posas from Roma, and Berenice Stille from Houston describe their experiences, their love and passion for mariachi music and the Extravaganza shines through.

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Mariachi Nuevo Santander member shares Oregon experience


Alicia Alanís performs at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival Green Show
(Photo by Carolina Cantú)

This is the first of several blogs written by Mariachi Nuevo Santander students describing their experiences representing the Mariachi Vargas Extravaganza at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival Green Show in Ashland, Oregon earlier this month. We hope you enjoy reading about it!

I woke up at 2:45 Thursday morning, which means I slept like four hours. I didn’t mind because I was super excited. We took three planes to get to Ashland from Roma, and I actually really liked it. While on the plane, I saw Mount Hood and Mount Saint Helen, which was amazing. Once we arrived in Ashland, I stepped outside the airport and immediately fell in love with the weather. It’s nothing like our weather in Roma, Texas, where it’s extremely hot!

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Mariachismes: updates on what’s happening in the mariachi world


  • Mexico City musicians’ union mariachi school closes its doors
  • NYC Mariachi Conference promotes Mexican culture in New York
  • Albuquerque celebrates another successful Mariachi Spectacular
  • Guadalajara hosts two mariachi “Encuentros”
  • Plaza Garibaldi protests dismissal of mariachi school director
  • San Antonio announces dates for Mariachi Vargas Extravaganza


Escuela del sindicato

In this 2008 photo, vihuela students study with José Guadalupe Alfaro
at the now-defunct Mexico City musicians’ union’s mariachi school


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Vocal Competition deadline set for October 1

Jackleyn Barrera from Roma, Texas won first place in the 2013 Mariachi Vargas Extravaganza Vocal Competition. She then went on to compete on Telemundo’s La Voz Kids, where she climbed the ranks on Roberto Tapia’s team and sang a variety of Latin music genres under his guidance.

Most of our tightly knit mariachi community is very much aware of the Mariachi Vargas Extravaganza and the exciting group and vocal competitions held during this seven-day event. But for those who are new to the application process or need a reminder, we are giving you some key dates and information so everyone will have an equal opportunity to submit an entry before the October 1 deadline.

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Mariachi Nuevo Santander to perform at Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Roma High School’s award-winning Mariachi Nuevo Santander will travel to Ashland, Oregon to perform at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival Green Show July 31 through August 6. This outstanding Roma, Texas ensemble will represent the Mariachi Vargas Extravaganza as first place winners of that event’s high school mariachi group competition held in San Antonio last December.

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